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Sustainability means getting paid while staying true to your values and integrity as a creative

Hiya, I'm Esme!

Are you struggling to find emotional and financial sustanability in your creative freelance business?

Sick to the gills of living month-to-month and saying yes to work that pays the bills but doesn't make sense in the long term?

It could be that you are feeling unable to see the bigger picture in your business, and you wish there was more structure and strategy to work with.

As a long-time creative freelancer, I can truly empathise with your situation!

A truly sustainable business needs clear vision, as well as strategy

You've listened to 100's of podcasts, read loads of blogs, followed social media best practices even scored some great gigs, and although you can see many of the pieces of the puzzle, it's so hard to see the bigger picture

As a creative business coach & educator, I help freelancers like you to disrupt the gig economy and transform their work into something that sells for its value rather than per hour of your life. It is my absolute honour to guide you to where you are supposed to be in your business

Get your free Ef Yeah! Workflow

The Ef Yeah! Workflow is the same workflow I use in my business, and it was developed after lots of testing and trying different productivity techniques and combining the most useful parts. It really helps me to organise and prioritise my work in the daily and I hope it can do the same for you too!

This six page fillable PDF gives you in-depth instructions on how to implement the workflow, as well as a two page template for organising your own work!

You'll also get the option to join the Ef Yeah! List, but only if you like!

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