Hi I’m Esme and I fucken hate toxic work culture and shitty conditioning that gets in the way of us human-ing the way we want to human.

Esme & sisters

My vision is to help a whole f*ck-tonne of unconventional* business owners like you to overcome shitty money stories and social expectations, reclaim their magic, and create thriving AF service based businesses that are rooted in integrity.

I help people move

From here:

You feel unable to think exapansively about your business, or dream of a future that feels good and unapolagetically ‘you’ and makes money

You rarely give yourself permission to explore what the authentic version of your business would look like. You find showing up authentically presses all of your self-doubt buttons

You feel like you have a sense of where you want to be but you lack clarity and strategy to get you there.

To here:

No longer held by other people’s expectations

Make decisions confidently and in alignment with your values, needs and desires

Able to think strategically and plan for the future from a place of clarity, trust and general fuck-yeah-ness. A liberated boss B.

Trainings and experience

NLP Life Coach training with iNLP Center

Self Belief Coaching Academy with Sas Petherick (currently training)

Trained diversity and inclusion facilitator

After growing up in a horse and wagon travelling around England and Wales (the D.R.E.A.M.I.E.S.T. of childhoods), I went to art college in the good ol’ Herefordshire countryside (kinda fun but the countryside can have it’s own brand of W.I.L.D.) and then had my son at 18 and moved to Bristol.

I dropped out of a fashion degree at university because I didn’t fit in and had a child to look after. I contemplated a regular job but I felt way too much of a misfit for most workplaces! I had a lot of creative skills so I decided to become a freelancer.

After over 11 years of freelancing in events and marketing, and owning one small business I became tired of working in a way that felt crunchy and inauthentic. Even though I kept the bills paid, I seemed to lack the ability to shape my work in a way that I wanted, and I definitely didn’t have a savings cushion that felt safe!

I felt unable to express myself in my work, and the more I tried to do things ‘by the book’, the less it worked. Why? Because I simply wasn’t connected to my passion and I didn’t believe it was possible to run a business that felt genuinely authentic.

Money got tighter and I felt a bit bloody lost. The worst part? I thought it was because I was defective. Doing it wrong. Not cut out for business. I decided to step away from feelancing and went back full time to the strip club.

I had completely shut off my creativity (apart from my bomb-ass pole and twerk skills ) and resigned myself to doing work that although was fulfilling an a few ways, didn’t tick the boxes for sustainability, creative expression and being able to be in bed by 10pm (hey, I like sleep ).

Then two things happened:

  • My dad, grandpa and two close friends died in quick succession.
  • I met an amazing person at the club (a top notch arty stripper) who reminded me what it’s like to be creative and passionate. We had a whirlwind platonic romance and I remembered who creative Esme was.

Well, you probably know the story. Person has life-changing event(s). Person realises life is short and decides to follow dream.

It’s probably the only cliche I deal in, and I have left out a LOT of messy details.

Insert personal development pathway: therapy, lots of self-discovery, excavating my personal strengths and values, taking amazing courses using my overdraft, taking a coaching training, reading too much Brene Brown…

Alongside this I worked my butt off and got a management role at a non-profit organisation where I built an amazing ecommerce brand over two years. Although I loved working with a team, branding and strategising, the rest really held little passion for me. It was time to launch!

Problem solving Gemini + issue affecting herself & her people = decisive action executed with passion (and coffee)!

Now I work with amazing clients who are feeling a bit stuck or overwhelmed. We work together to overcome self-doubt issues and create a brand and business that feels truly liberated, magic and strategic!

*A bit of fun

  • Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon, Aquarius Rising
  • This part told you which Myers-Briggs type I am, but I am currently analysing that framework because I recently found out that they were eugenicists. Gross.
  • VIA Character strengths – 1. Creativity, 2. Love of Learning, 3. Love, 4. Curiosity, 5. Leadership
  • Enneagram 7 with an 8 wing
  • Hills I am willing to die on: Earl Grey Tea is the only (caffienated) tea, cats AND dogs, the toilet roll hangs over the top thanks, pineapple does not belong on pizza


I am committed to inclusivity as a fundemental principle in my business. Coaching with me is a non-judgemental space where you will feel welcome regardless of race, gender, sexuality, disability, neurodiversity or whether you have worked in the sex industry…. (this list is obviously not exhaustive but you get me).

I am a pretty spiritual person – into various esoteric practices BUT I am not here for spiritual bypassing (including the problematic framing of the Law of Attraction), crystals that are not ethically sourced, the weird and creepy alignment of new age spirituality with far right idealogies and conspiracy theories (yep, qAnon, New World Order anti-semitism…), and I really encourage people to do deep historical research into uses and practices of spiritual tools, and how they have been developed and co-opted over the years by White Supramacists.

I believe in and practice a trauma-informed approach to coaching. Psychological safety is important to me and while I do not work directly with trauma (that’s the work of a certified therapist), I feel it is my responsibility to be able to hold people safely.

I aim to be accessible by creating good quality free resources (The EF Yeah! List being my best resource – link in bio) so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge I share, as well as offering longer term payment plans to those who are from marginalised groups or who are otherwise facing adversity.

You can find me over on Instagram where I chat business stuff and share pretty pictures, and I am always more than happy to receive an email with questions or just for a chat

Thanks for stopping by!

Esme xx

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The Ef Yeah! weekly email is where I love to talk with you about:

  • How to get liberated // aka understanding how we are conditioned to believe/respond/be in relationship with money and other people’s expectations (what we ‘should’ be doing vs what we desire), and how to shift into a more compassionate, positive and energetic space. Creating new narratives that enable us to create joyful and intentional businesses that generate financial sustainability.
  • How to reclaim our magic // aka how to deepen our understanding of ourselves and so we can adjust our business to accomodate our own needs and expand on our innate strengths. Some people call this getting into alignment.
  • How to build Intentional strategy // aka how we can turn all of this important information into clear and strong action that calls to our ideal audience, and delivers our genius to those who need what we and only we can provide. Real data about what our people want, clear offers that are priced on value (not time or self-esteem), and simple marketing that brings your message to your audience in a way that actually feels good to you.

I invite you to join in conversation with me and become part of a community that is committed to bringing emotional and financial liberation to unconventional, marginalised and wholehearted service based business owners.

See you inside,

Esme x

What is The Ef Yeah! Workflow?

The Ef Yeah! Workflow is the same workflow I use in my business, and it was developed after lots of testing and trying different productivity techniques and combining the most useful parts. It really helps me to organise and prioritise my work in the daily and I hope it can do the same for you too!

This six page fillable PDF gives you in-depth instructions on how to implement the workflow, as well as a two page template for organising your own work!

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No Sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Ageism, No Homophobia, No Fatphobia, No Transphobia, S*x work is work, No Pineapple on Pizza.

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