Shifting your feelings around money

Today we talk about money, because if one thing is for sure, we all have different stories and feelings about the stuff and it can be a really difficult relationship to navigate. If you already have a positive relationship with money then I’d love to know how that came about! Drop a comment and share […]

Never check emails before creative work

7 ways to organise your workflow

How to get organised, by someone who used to be chaotic! Most people who have met me in recent years think that I am a super organised individual. Well, I have a secret. I am a naturally chaotic person and I spent quite a few years learning how to get organised. Whether you are similar […]

Esme looking cute

Working from home – six tips!

In these unprecedented times I’m looking back at my recent trip to Egypt to visit my grandma, which seems so long ago now. It was in fact only three weeks ago! I’m sure cabin fever is setting in for most of us by now especially if we’re working at home with children, so here are […]