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Being a creative is so fucking hard sometimes, right?

You are an imaginative, creative human who is bubbling with ideas. You have a burning desire to create an impact in the world through your creative work, and deep down you really believe that you have an important message to share with the world.


You can’t seem to get clear on how to actually do the bloody work, let alone feel confident in putting it out in the world in a way that feels authentic.

On a good day you know yourself to be resourceful, capable, and even a little bit badass.


  • Make big plans that feel exciting and courageous
  • Go deep on researching/developing/imagining your ideas
  • Get out all of the stationery and go wild with brainstorming and planning
  • Set off with the best of intentions and a (metaphorical ofc) fire up your ass

It feels good, exciting, energising!

But then after a short while you start to:

  • Lose clarity on what you should be prioritising and how to organise that big creative brain of yours.
  • Feel overwhelmed and out of tune with what you actually want/need to be doing – instead looking to external expectations and ‘experts’ to tell you what to do.
  • Ending up in procrastination/people pleasing/perfectionism/paralysis/[insert unhelpful behaviour].

The plan falls apart and you’re suddenly back where you started:

  • Responding to the things that shout loudest instead of prioritising what’s truly important.
  • Spending less time doing the things you love, and more time shouting at spreadsheets and feeling anxious about social media.
  • Worrying about disappointment/failure/rejection/[insert big fear here] and keeping yourself quiet/small/.
  • Feeling like you can never sustain this work, and it sure as shit won’t ever be able to sustain you.
  • Grinding to a halt or descending into overwhelm. It feels like you’re always walking in treacle or fighting fire!

You are bored. Tired. OVER IT.

Hannah Buckler


“Working with Esme has been so refreshing, I feel like I have completely overhauled my life through our work together! I really valued Esme’s flexibility; Esme’s approach was always adapting – with Esme always finding the right balance between supporting me and encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.”

So, how can things be different?

Imagine this reality instead:

  • You know you’ve got your own back, you try new things without fear of failure, and you’re confident about sharing your creative work with the world. You confidently share your ideas and creations with people who you know will value your gifts and talents.
  • You feel deeply connected to your creativity and to your own needs and values. You find it easy to honour boundaries and you have a level of clarity that makes decision making feel intuitive. You say no with confidence, and yes with sincerity. You follow your internal compass and make embodied choices.
  • You know how to take action, and you are able to listen to your own rhythms and requirements without fear of ‘dropping the ball’. Even when things go a little off script, you know how to get yourself back on track.

Coaching with me can help you to achieve that reality. I can help you:

  • Understand the root causes of your self doubt, and transform your experience into one of self-belief and confidence.
  • Redefine how you want to show up in your creative work in a way that feels unapologetically YOU – free of external expectations and shitty social conditioning.
  • Create sustainable systems, habits and strategies to carry your creative vision forwards with meaning, and purposeful action – whether as a business or as a life practice.

And when you add all of these things together, you build a strong and embodied foundation for yourself and your practice, and anything new you choose to persue in the future.

When you coach with me, you don’t just have support getting from A to B. You learn new ways of being in your work and new ways of supporting yourself. My work is successful when you can do this work without me!

For some of my clients this has looked like:

  • Transitioning out of an unfulfilling career and into a place of exploration and freedom
  • Launching a successful membership plaform rooted in social justice values
  • Scaling a creative business while staying aligned with their values and ethics
  • Overcoming crippling creative anxiety and launching a product based business
  • Executing a massive project while radically changing their approach to how they work
  • Streamlining their multi-hyphenate business and gaining clarity and confidence in how they want to operate going forwards
  • Overcoming their fear of being visible, and integrating their multiple identities into their creative practice so they now show up feeling authentic and confident
  • Launching a podcast
  • Developing and accelerating their non-profit to secure funding, and ongoing mentorship opportunities

When you coach with me, you don’t just have support getting from A to B. You learn new ways of being in your work and new ways of supporting yourself. My work is successful when you can do this work without me!

Fiona Thomas

Freelance writer &

Amazon bestselling author


“My time with Esme was so beneficial. I was feeling really overwhelmed with how to approach making changes in my business and dreading hearing that I had a lot of work to do.

Esme was so reassuring, she pointed out all the things that I already had in place which made me breathe a sigh of relief and also has given me the confidence to continue making small manageable adjustments to my business that I know will have a long term impact.

Esme put me at ease from the word go and during our session, and I felt totally comfortable and free to ask questions and raise any worries that I had. Highly recommend any business owner looking for clarity and accountability to get in touch with Esme.”

Lucie is looking at the camera and holding a mini latex beret on her head.
Lady Lucie Latex

CEO of Lady Lucie Latex


“Sometimes it’s good to just take a step back and assess where you are and whether it is on the path you set out on. But it’s easy to get swamped in the day to day when you work all the time, and even more so when you are working for yourself in both a creative and business capacity.

Esme really helped me to do this – considering what I am achieving, what I want to achieve, whether my aims have changed over time, and how to refocus my direction toward those goals. Esme gave me practical solutions and the motivation to implement them. I am left feeling excited and confident about working towards my goals.”

Grace Kress

Artist, activist, and founder of Shelby X Studios


“Before enrolling in coaching with Esme, I felt excited about launching a new project, but unclear about the steps I needed to take to reach my goals. Since I started coaching with Esme, I’ve been able to clarify my aims, build practices that allow me to plan my day, month and even the next three years, and develop a better relationship with money.

Working with Esme is like a night out dancing with your best ones. It’s empowering, energising and will make you want to do it all over again. If you are thinking about coaching with Esme, you need to know how much support, nourishment and clarity you’ll get, because once you sign up you’ll definitely start making things happen and that’s when you’ll need

those things the most. Through coaching with Esme, I learnt that I am able to make a living and support my community without “selling out”.

Rebecca Broad

Freelance Communicator


“I came to Esme with a big jumble of half-baked ideas and thoughts, plenty of which were being dragged down by a lack of confidence. Not only did Esme help me get clear on what I wanted to achieve and how, but she also challenged deeper thoughts which were leading to inaction or overdelivering. Leaving our session I had a clear plan of action, smaller steps to progress straight away, and plenty of food for thought on how I see myself in the world.”.


How we can work together

90 minute deep dive session

This one-off deep-dive 90 minute session is ideal for working on a single issue, or if you want to go deep on a particular struggle that is getting in your way. During our time together we will dig deep to understand your issue. We will challenge assumptions and get creative with ideas so that you can walk away with a plan of action and the courage to execute it.

For accountability, we will meet again for a 30 minute call 4-6 weeks later. You will have access to my support via email between the two sessions.

You will receive

One 90 minute super focused coaching session

An audio recording of our session

A 30 minute catch up 4-6 weeks later

Access to my support via email between sessions

Your investment: £129

Please note that this is offered at a very generous reduction from my usual rate, and therefore is available as a one-off booking only. If you wish to work on a longer term, please book a call to chat about a three or six month package.

1:1 Coaching over 3 or 6 months

This is an opportunity to work longer term with me to explore and create energetic and financial sustainability in your business. I will hold you accountable and help you to uncover new ways of working that are purposeful and strategic, while integrating practical tools and practices that will help you get where you want to go.

We will meet for an initial 90 minute deep dive and then a further five (three month package) or nine (six month package) 60 minute sessions usually every 2 weeks.

Our time is semi-structured, working towards a desired outcome that we set at the beginning.

Coaching with me is underpinned by my framework as a guiding structure, but our journey is uniquely tailored to your needs in the process. There will be plenty of time to explore what’s coming up for you in the moment, so we can meet your emotional and practical needs while we navigate this exciting new journey.

At the end of each session you will go away with something to put into practice in your business so that you can start applying and exploring our discoveries as we go along.

Three month package

You will receive

  • One x 90 minute and then 5 x 60 minute Zoom calls over 3-4 months with access to recordings
  • Tasks to take away and practice in your life and business
  • Access to my support via email and Voxer between sessions

Your investment: £749

Payment options available:

  • A single payment of £749
  • Three monthly payments of £250
  • Six monthly payments of £125

Six month package

You will receive

  • One x 90 minute and then 11 x 60 minute Zoom calls over 3-4 months with access to recordings
  • Tasks to take away and practice in your life and business
  • Access to my support via email between sessions

Your investment: £1380

Payment options available:

  • A single payment of £1380
  • Six monthly payments of £230
  • Eleven monthly payments of £126

If this sounds like something for you then let’s set up a free call so you can ask any questions and find out if it is the right fit for you. I only work with people who I truly believe I can help. If I (or you!) don’t think I’m the right coach for you, I’ll be more than happy to recommend someone else who I think is a better fit.

The journey

(aka what actually happens when we coach together)

The Framework

The three part framework that I use has been developed through my own experience and training, and my work with clients. It doesn’t have a name yet because I am terrible at naming things – apart from cats. My framework is flexible, adaptable, and serves as a guide for our work together. It is not a linear programme, more of an anchor.

1. Get Liberated

Understand and transform the root causes of self-doubt

And build

Confidence, self-belief, and self-honouring boundaries

2. Find your Magic

Redefine how you want to show up in your work in a way that feels like YOU!

And build

A creative practice that feels authentic and in line with your own values and needs

3. Take sustainable action

Create sustainable systems, habits and strategies for action

And build

An embodied, boundaried, adaptable, and strategic approach to actually getting your creative work done

The coaching sessions

Initially we take a deep dive into your current situation, your challenges, your goals and your aspirations. The purpose of this session is to get crystal clear on how self-doubt shows up for you, and how it is getting in the way of making decisions, and taking action that feels aligned with your values and desires. We get clear on your goals for coaching, and an insight into how our work together will evolve.

The following coaching sessions focus on both the ‘Being‘ and ‘Doing‘ parts of your creative work:

  • Being work is pure coaching – exploring your self-doubt and its manifestations (procrasatination, perfectionism, people pleasing, paralysis, proving yourself, passivity…), how it’s getting in your way, and transforming it into self-belief and confidence. This work is the fundemental and foundational stuff that allows you to break those unhelpful habits and take action.

  • Doing work is the more strategic element – this is all about finding intuitive approaches that will help you organise your brain and get stuff done.

Creating a sustainable creative practice requires both elements, with a strong emphasis on the Being work.

At the end of each session we will decide on some tasks that you commit to completing between sessions. This helps to keep you on track and get the most out of our work. Between sessions you’ll have access to me via an app called Voxer, and via email. You can send messages or voice notes with updates, questions or simply to share a new perspective or idea.

The coaching container

The coaching container is the environment, culture and experience that is co-created when we work together. It is defined by boundaries, purpose, intentionality and mutual respect.

Here are a few of the values that I bring to our coaching relationship:

  • A collaborative lens – our coaching container is a non-heirarchical space where I bring my expertise and skills, and you bring your knowledge of yourself and your work. While I act as a guide and a champion for you and your work, you will get the most out of it if you show up with intention and commitment. The most magic happens when we show up as equal co-creators of change.
  • A social justice lens – coaching is an experience that focuses on you at a deep level. My work is firmly rooted in the belief that we are all deeply affected by the social dynamics and power structures that surround us. In order to make powerful shifts, we need to understand the impact those structures have on us as individuals.
  • A trauma informed lens – although as a coach I am not qualified to work with trauma directly, I believe that most coaching will brush up against trauma, or emotionally sensitive subjects. I am committed to navigating trauma sensitively and safely, and as such I have trained as a trauma-informed coach.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to work with a coach?

Nobody needs to work with a coach, and you are no different. You’re probably smart, resourceful, creative and passionate about what you do, and there are millions of books, podcasts and Youtube videos that can tell you what you need to be doing to turn your business into a success.

But if you’re looking for someone to help guide you through all of the noise of conflicting advice, provide accountability, encouragement, strategy, ongoing support, and sometimes a bit of tough love, then you may want to consider coaching.

It is really hard to see what’s going on when you’re in the thick of your own situation, and we often come up against obstacles that we can’t even see! Having a trained guide to help you navigate this process and cut through the crap can make all the difference!

I am afraid of investing so much money in myself, what if it doesn’t work?

Consciously investing in your personal growth is a courageous act. By taking this step you are signalling to yourself and the world that you are ready to try new things, ask for help and to take responsibility for actively participating in the creation of your life and business.

As a coach I can’t do your work for you, but I can commit to showing up for you all the way through the coaching process with my best skills, knowledge, expertise and support. What you get out of it will be what you are willing to put in!

How quickly will I get results?

For some clients the new insight and perspectives gained in our first session mean that things start happening straight away. For most it is a slightly slower process, after all we are often unpicking fundamental ideas about how we want show up in the world as a person and in our business!

By doing this deep foundational work, as well as taking consistent transformative action you will be armed with skills, confidence, and perspectives that you didn’t know you had by the time we finish.

Is this like a course? What if I need something slightly different?

Nope! My framework (basically everything I described on the page above) forms the backbone of my coaching, but my approach is tailored to your needs and situation. We don’t always work on it in a linear fashion – we work out what you need and how we work well together and this informs the whole relationship! Before you sign up we always hop on a call to work out if I am the right person to help you.

How is coaching different to therapy?

Coaching is for people who are mentally well* and focused on growth and development in their life and business. It is about uncovering your hidden skills and bringing forth more of your inherent courage and creative wisdom, as well as being a safe container for exploring new ideas and strategies!

Therapy is generally helpful for those experiencing psychological disharmony, or for help processing traumatic experiences, and requires a different kind of training to a coach. Some people like to receive coaching at the same time as receiving therapy. Sometimes we may find that coaching is not the right thing for you right now.

*in the context of working with me, mentally well means that any mental health condition that you may have is for the most part well managed. I am more than happy working with people who experience long-term mental health conditions as long as you currently have the capacity to do this kind of work.

I prefer to work with people who embody a social justice lens, is this you?

Absolutely! We are not silos, and I don’t believe we can embody change without acknowledging and critiquing the effects that our systems, structures and institutions have on us and those around us. No problem is a 100% YOU problem. The sooner we acknowledge this, the sooner we can effectively negotiate healthier relationships with ourselves, and with the wider world.

No Sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Ageism, No Homophobia, No Fatphobia, No Transphobia, S*x work is work, No Pineapple on Pizza.

I am disabled / chronically ill / neurodivergent… will this work for me?

I have an ADHD diagnosis and I am also autistic. I have worked with many clients with chronic illness, neurodivergence and disability, and I have a commitment to being as accessible as possible. Often this has looked like flexibility with rescheduling sessions due to health flare ups, taking longer breaks between sessions, and having thorough conversations about learning styles and sensitivities. You may require a different approach and I will do my best to accomodate you within the bounds of my coaching practice.

I strive to treat all of my clients as individuals; if you need or would like any reasonable adjustments to be made to our coaching relationship, I will never ask you to qualify your needs or share any health/personal information that you do not wish to share.

If you are interested in coaching but have hesitancy because of any health needs, I am more than happy to discuss this with you. Just ping me an email and we can chat.

I have more questions!

I am more than happy to chat and answer questions you may have about working with me or any other aspect of my coaching. Pop over to my contact

page and send an email!

No Sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Ageism, No Homophobia, No Fatphobia, No Transphobia, S*x work is work, No Pineapple on Pizza.

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