Are you ready to dump sh*tty money stories, & social expectations, disarm your self-doubt, and start building a joyful business that is aligned with YOU?


Hiya, I’m Esme!

As a self-belief business coach, I help solo and small biz owners like you to step away from shitty conditioning and self doubt, and step into who you want, need and desire to be in your business!

The small business world is clogged up with “six-steps to six figures” frameworks and “Your biz if failing cos you’re not high vibe, honey!” BS.

Ughhhh. GROSS/tiring/overwhelming. You with me?

As a self-belief business coach, I believe in finding real and practical strategies that honour your own needs and boundaries. True mindset shifts happen when we gently uncover and disarm the root causes of self-doubt. True sustainability and satisfaction happens when we create solid strategies based on who you are and how your unique mind works.

My mission is to help deliver a f*ck you to those tiring and ineffective narratives and rewrite the script. We can have thriving and joyful businesses that have integrity and our own needs and magical ways at the core, and we’re bringing all of our weird along with us, thank you.

You with me? Let’s GET IT!

My vision is to help a whole f*ck-tonne of unconventional business owners like you to overcome sh*tty money stories and social expectations, reclaim their magic, and create joyful AF businesses that are rooted in integrity and self-honouring.

Do you want to join me in doing business from a place of clarity, trust and general f*ck-yeah-ness?

This is what we can do together:

GET LIBERATED // aka rewriting our relationships with money, and undoing the shitty structural conditioning that stops us from getting deep into our zones of joy and genius. Unearthing our self-doubt stories and cultivating self-belief in a deep and transformative way. You define the rules now. Period.

RECLAIM YOUR MAGIC // aka expansive thinking, knowing our strengths and desires, and bringing them wholeheartedly into our businesses. Showing up as ourselves, no apologies

INTENTIONAL STRATEGY // aka connecting deeply with your people, creating clear offers that speak to them in a way that feels good and aligned AF and selling with intention. This is the real strategic and practical shit.

All of this, delivered with a tonne of what we all want from

our business coach:

  • Loving accountability that keeps you on track
  • Straight talking strategy and practical tools for your biz
  • Space to safely explore and heal sensitive issues around
  • self doubt
  • A collaborative and action focused space for support
  • Honest feedback
  • A cheerleader and champion for you and your work

No Sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Ageism, No Homophobia, No Fatphobia, No Transphobia, S*x work is work, No Pineapple on Pizza.

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