Hello and welcome to The Whole Package, I am so excited to get started and create some magic with you!

There is a bit of housekeeping, so I recommend starting with this video and then working your way through the rest of this page:

You can download a transcript here.

Safer Space

Here is a bit of text about being a safer space and how we advocate for/prioritise marginalised experiences etc.

Something about pronouns

Facebook Group

Here is a link to our private Facebook community where we will be holding discussions and accountability etc.

Live Lessons

Here is a link to the lesson calendar, you can add this to your calendar and access the lessons through the link in your calendar. You can also access the live lessons through the email I send out at the beginning of each week.

If you miss a lesson or simply wish to catch the replay, you will find them under the section named ‘Live Lesson Replays’