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  • The Ef Yeah! List is the place where I serve up really useful, informative, thought provoking and practical content to creative freelancers. You get my blog straight to your inbox before it's published plus journal prompts to explore the subject for yourself and a saveable summary image that you can check back to as a reminder.
  • Of course I will let let you know what exciting services are available to invest in, however one of my core intentions is that my work should be accessible to all creative freelancers, regardless of whether you are currently in a position to spend money on your business. My list is where I deliver that goodness!
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What is The Ef Yeah! Workflow?

The Ef Yeah! Workflow is the same workflow I use in my business, and it was developed after lots of testing and trying different productivity techniques and combining the most useful parts. It really helps me to organise and prioritise my work in the daily and I hope it can do the same for you too!

This six page fillable PDF gives you in-depth instructions on how to implement the workflow, as well as a two page template for organising your own work!

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