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Esme is a coach and educator. She works with creative freelancers to help them bring sustainability to their businesses, while staying in alignment with their core values and ethics. Raised in a horse and wagon travelling around the UK, Esme had an unusual upbringing to which she attributes her creative problem-solving brain and people skills. Working haphazardly as a creative freelancer for 11 years and then really sharpening up her skills working in business management, Esme dreamed of working for herself again but this time on different terms. She trained as a life coach and NLP practitioner and launched Esme Filsinger Coaching in 2019. As well as being a firm pragmatist and super practical, Esme has been known to whip out her tarot cards in a coaching session. This is less about telling the future, and more about using fun ways to self-reflect! Esme is committed to inclusion and diversity and loves to work with people who are strongly rooted in community and creativity.

Just for fun

  1. Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon, Aquarius Rising
  2. ENFP – The Campaigner
  3. VIA Character strengths – 1. Creativity, 2. Love of Learning, 3. Love, 4. Curiosity, 5. Leadership
  4. Enneagram 7 with an 8 wing
  5. Hills she is willing to die on: Earl Grey Tea is the only (caffienated) tea, cats and dogs, the toilet roll hangs over the top thanks, pineapple does not belong on pizza


Born out of a desire to see creative freelancers thriving, Esme Filsinger provides coaching and education that is rooted in financial sustainability and ethical integrity. Founded in late 2019, this one woman operation is run from Esme’s beautiful vintage caravan just outside of Bristol.