Q&A with Esme Filsinger – Swirl Zine

Esme Filsinger Coach smiling at the camera with a green plant and white wall behind her.
Esme Filsinger Coach

When Andy Walton invited me to interview for the Swirl Zine blog, I jumped at the chance. Swirl is an amazing project led by a transatlantic, multi-disciplinary team with lived experiences of anxiety. Swirl aims to break down barriers and encourage dialogue in spaces not usually entered by mental health-specific services. The Zine is a beautiful and engaging graphic masterpiece with super helpful yet simple worksheets to help you move through anxious moments. Andy (the founder) is a community mental health nurse and has created the guide using psychological and evidence based advice led by CBT techniques.

Here is a snippet of my interview:

“How do you deal with ‘what if’ and ‘should have’ thoughts if they play on your mind?”

“I am pretty good at banishing them these days and maintaining a balance of staying in the present and looking to the future. With ‘what if’ scenarios, I like to do a little fear setting. This is a pretty simple process of rationalising what would actually happen if things went wrong and what I would do in that scenario. Most times the answer is ‘pick myself up, brush myself off and start again.’ “

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