Life PlannerIt’s a weird-ass time

This week has been pretty confusing right? Go to work, don’t go to work… do a thing… but not like that. Everything is up in the air and it seems like our government is doing nothing to create stability for us right now, especially if we’re self-employed. That REALLY sucks butt right now.

So this may seem like a strange time to be thinking of launching or creating something new… and a lot of us are listening to that voice that is telling us to wait until things go back to normal, or to ride it out and see what happens. Normal regular self-preserving fear and uncertainty in the face of exceptional circumstances. FACTS.

But here’s what I think we should be doing

Finding the opportunity in the uncertainty – think about it, this is certainly one of the biggest events in all of our lifetimes and it has disrupted everything we know and everything we didn’t know we could prepare for. So what’s the opportunity here?

I believe it’s a chance to develop a new kind of resilience that will take us into the future able to weather almost any storm in our businesses (and therefore our personal lives). This situation has highlighted something that we all live with but don’t necessarily pay attention to (hello priviledge): the fact that tomorrow is never guaranteed.

So it can be now, or it can be when you have enough space in the day-to-day to start working on your business again*, but I think it’s time to start finding new ways to be in your work, and getting aligned with the foundations of your business. Here are the pillars that I think all sustainable businesses require in order to thrive in less-than-calm waters:

  • Super clear values and vision – knowing what your personal values are and what kind of future you want to create. Nobody starts building a house without a bit of an idea what it’s going to look like, why should a creative business be different?
  • A defined impact – who is your business serving and why? Knowing who your business is impacting and how is fundamental to being able to make business decisions that come from a place of clarity. It also means you take into account how you want your business to impact your life too. It’s all part of the design!
  • A value-based offer – some kind of product or service that is sold on it’s value rather than you getting paid for hours of your life. Even better if people can buy it while you sleep!
  • A decent strategy – how to implement all of this creative thinking in a way that keeps momentum and speaks clearly to your people.

Where to start

If you want to start exporing this but have no idea where to start, this is a journaling prompt that I like to use with my coaching clients:

“You’re 90 years old and you’re sat with a new friend telling them about your life. Describe the life that makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled”
Go into detail on the important things:

What kind of people you lived with and spent time with

What you spent your time doing

What you did for enjoyment and relaxation

The impact your work had on people
And any other areas that seem significant to you!

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